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I’m fascinated reading this one, yet feel I need to read it over and over again -to concentrate & understand every detail of it. Focusing on arriving more at the middle way! Thank you for this!

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Hey Ryan,

It wasn't until I turned 31 that I became a realist by quitting looking for the good in everyone wherever I could find it. Now in the last year at 36 I hit another plateau relating to your substack here, I believe I've found inner peace. A few years ago my mother said something interesting to me, that someday you get to the age where you realize just how many things really don't matter. I didn't really understand it at the time until now, but I don't carry a lot anxiety anymore, I don't let failings, marketing or just plain most things people say to me get in my head anymore. It was nice to read your post thanks for sharing and look forward to the next one!

- A man living in the middle

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