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I still reply with ‘nothing’ to a lot of questions (but I’ve always been a rebel). The odd looks that you get from people when you reply ‘nothing’ are funny (to me), but also interesting, for the reasons you explore so well in your article Ryan. It’s simply not a socially acceptable answer for a person in their 30s (or 40s, or 50s or maybe even 60s)

At my sons toddler group I was twice asked what we did for his second birthday. I had to really think about it. A week had passed. I said “Nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was just a normal day, but every day is special for us”. The two ladies I said this to had no idea how to respond. I think a got a silent nod and an “oh”. They moved on to speak with other people.

I knew what the correct response should have been. That I baked a cake. That we had invited people to our house. That we sang songs and played party games. Listened to children's music.

But we didn’t do those things. We had a slow morning, as always. We got our son a bike, which was waiting for him downstairs when he woke up. The children were on the sofa with me. Morning tv was on in the background. Lots of hugs and kisses. Lots of laughter. Our amazing, normal everyday. It’s not ‘nothing’, it’s everything!

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Great article Ryan,thanks.

"The mind implores us to speed up while the heart pleads to slow down"

Yes I've experienced that, being pulled around by my mind trying to do the impossible and I'm almost hyper ventilating and my chest is fit to burst with my heart's resistance. Sometimes I think I'm going to have a heart attack and yes the answer is to simply slow down and come back to the body, ground yourself in the belly.

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